Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Stroll

Yesterday I took myself off to East Rock Park in New Haven. It's smack in the middle of town and yet feels like you are in woods on your own. 

Until you reach the Summit. One side is a shear drop off that gives you this great view of the New Haven area. The rest of the park is made of up concrete trails and wooded trails cut through the woods, made of dead leaves and granite rock.  I took this picture on Saturday when we had a gorgeous day happening. 

Today we have had fog, some sun, and now the clouds are rolling in with the predicted rain. Had I known that the sun was going to stay out until three in the afternoon, I would have stayed out longer. Alas, clouds were moving in and I thought it was close to raining so I came home at 11:30 this morning. But two hours was a nice time to be out and about. 

Today I took pictures from the Summit again, this one shows the fog coming in very well. I drove to another section of the park and walked a closed road, now a walking, running, biking trail. I had quite a few images to capture with the camera. Including a great picture of a some chipmunks, one adult and one child.  They were both so tiny! I was shocked how small they are in the wild. 

This is the adult chipmunk. He/She was nice enough to sit still while I took multiple pictures, and still, my camera wasn't doing what I wanted it to. It never did focus on the chipmunk! 

This tiny one was a baby and barely an inch long. He came out just long enough to grab two quick shots before he scampered back, scared, into the plants. 

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Aisling said...

I love the photo of the fog. So mysterious and beautiful. And the chipmunks are darling. I can never capture those little critters. Too quick for me!

Thank you for strolling and for letting me know that you did! I really enjoyed walking the city park with you. :)