Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Stroll thru the yard

Today I thought I'd take you thru a walk around my dad's back yard. He's always puttering in it, trying to keep the grass green in the middle of a dry, windy yard. You can feel the wind whipping around the house to the back yard. You can see the corn blowing every evening when the wind kicks up. Some days you can still smell the salt on the wind as it's coming from the east off of the Atlantic ocean.

This is one of the day lilies that Dad has planted on each side of his shed. They came from my sister's first home in Grimesland and before that they were part of her father in law's garden. He got tired of them multiplying so he took them to her, who shared them with Dad when he and Mom moved in. They have proved to be a favorite thing of mine in he yard. I love the bold colors of these lilies. They are abundant in North Carolina. 

 Dad has planted many trees: pines, oak, crepe myrtles, apple, crabapple, and this sycamore tree. This is the first time I noticed the tree shedding. Dad says it is getting ready to grow so it sheds it's bark to allow it to grow. Makes me thing it's the snake of the trees. 

I liked the contrast of the peeling bark, the green leaves, and the blue sky.


kazia said...

beautiful :)

Aisling said...

Your dad's yard is beautiful, as are your photographs! Thank you for sharing. I love the orange lilies. Mine are in bud, but still a couple weeks from blooming.

marcia @Child in Harmony said...

Pretty pictures! Love how there's a story with the daylily.
How interesting and cool about the Sycamore tree !

happy day!